Frydaze 30 Days To Win Contest Answers

Published: Tue - 31.07.2012 Published by: Frances

Thank you so much to our Twitter community for actively participating in the “30 Days T.O. Win” Twitter contest.


Throughout the contest period, we will be posting the answers to the past questions below:


Day 1/July 25th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What single did @terrellowens rap in?
A: I’m Back


Winner: @BClaireG 


Day 2/July 26th, 2012:

Q: #30daysTOwin: What Phrase Did @terrellowens Trademark?
A: Love Me Some Me


Winner: @thead3pt


Day 3/July 27th, 2012:

Q: #30daysTOwin: What celebration is @terrellowens famous for?

A: Endzone




Day 4/July 28th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What recent Baseball Game was @terrellowens the MVP of?
A: Heroes Celebrity


Winner: @TO81Fan


Day 5/July 29th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin What team did @terrellowens score four touchdowns against?
A: Washington Redskins


Winner: @jfederico8


Day 6/July 30th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: How many NFL teams has @terrellowens played for?
A: Five


Winner: @Menacester


Day 7/ July 31st, 2012:

Q: #30dayTOwin Which @USA_Network show has @terrellowens appeared on twice?

A: Necessary Roughness


Winner: @Summer_G


Day 8/August 1st, 2012:

Q: #30daysTOwin: What is @terrellowens’ character’s nickname on the @USA_Network show Necessary Roughness?

A: Minefield


Winner: @abdelk8der


Day 9/August 2nd, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin What did @terrellowens pull from his sock to sign a game ball with after a touchdown?

A: Sharpie


Winner: @tmitchell_82


Day 10/August 3rd, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What round of the NFL draft was @terrellowens selected?

A: Third


Winner: @JimGoMWR55


Day 11/August 4th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: Which NBA team’s games can you often find @terrellowens watching courtside?

A: Lakers


Winner:  (question did NOT get tweeted on Aug. 4th so retweeted on Aug. 7th – 2 chances to win on Aug 7th!)


Day 12/August 5th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What team was @terrellowens playing for when he celebrated a TD with a cheerleader’s pom poms?

A: SanFrancisco 49ers


Winner: @Gbiskup2


Day 13/August 6th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: what is the name of @terrellowens Autobiography?

A: Catch This


Winner: @TheCadenFoster


Day 14/August 7th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What other sport did @terrellowens play in college?

A: Basketball


Winner: @Nechvatal81


Day 15/August 8th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: Who was the player who horse-collared @terrellowens breaking his leg in 2004?

A:  Roy Williams


Winner: @cyorozu3


Day 16/August 9th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What dance did @terrellowens perform for his mother after his first NFL touchdown?



Day 17/August 10th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What did @terrellowens grab from a fan and dump in his helmet? 

A: Popcorn


Winner: @Tune_n2_me


Day 18/August 11th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What was @terrellowens longest TD reception?

A: 98


Winner: @NunnBetta


Day 19/August 12th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What show staring @AshtonKutcher did @terrellowens appear on?

A: Punk’d


Winner: @kristi1003


Day 20/August 13th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: How many total touchdowns did @terrellowens have in his three years with the @DallasCowboys?

A: 38


Winner: @MattinBoise


Day 21/August 14th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What famous wide receiver is @terrellowens good friends with?

A: Chad Ochocinco


Winner: @JHaas210


Day 22/August 15th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What dance did @terrellowens do frequently during the 2004 season after a big play or TD?

A:  Bird Dance


Winner: @SleepyJordan


Day 23/August 16th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What team was @terrellowens traded to before being signed to the Philadelphia Eagles?

A: Baltimore Ravens


Winner: @ThatsJust_Mike


Day 24/August 17th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What 1999 movie did @terrellowens appear in?

A: Any Given Sunday 


Winner: @dmbhurley41


Day 25/August 18th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What does recreational sport does @terrellowens like to play?

A: Bowling


Winner: @BBernsteinLove


Day 26/August 20th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What 1999 movie did @terrellowens appear in?

A: Any Given Sunday 


Winner: @dmbhurley41


Day 26/August 20st, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What number did @terrellowens wear on his jersey in College?

A: 80


Winner: @GBPlitz


Day 27/August 21st, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: Who is @terrellowens football idol?

A: Jerry Rice


Winner: @Ali_Zreik


Day 28/August 22nd, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: @terrellowens placed the ball where after scoring a touchdown against the @DallasCowboys?

A: 50 Yard Line

Winner: @ThatsJust_Mike

Day 29/August 23rd, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What phrase was on the wrist band that @terrellowens wore On Nov 17/03?

A: The Answer


Winner: @mmm9731


Day 30/August 24th, 2012:

Q:  #30daysTOwin: What NFL team is @TerrellOwens currently with?

A: Seattle Seahawks


Winner: @Ruda1313



Thanks again for your ongoing participation, we appreciate it.


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